Cold Temperatures Affecting Your Car: How To Deal With It

Depending on where you live, winter can always put a wrench in your plans when driving your car. There is no doubt that cold weather affects your car and shuts down. Getting prepared and learning the hard truth about how to deal with extreme weather is a must. Don’t find yourself on the side of the road in freezing temperatures because you did not do some simple preparation. It’s something we all have to face. Here are some ways to deal with the cold temperatures that will affect your car.

How are those tires doing?

You need to check your tires and inspect the tread. As the weather grows colder and there is ice on the roads, you will need full-blown snow tires. Your tires are everything and you need to make sure you have the correct ones on your car. Don’t find yourself caught in an unexpected snowstorm with bald tires. This can be a disaster for you and your family.

Not all of us are tire experts, which is why you may want to head to your local tire store. Let the mechanic look at your tire tread to determine if you need to replace them or get your new snow tires at that moment. This is the smartest way to prepare for cold temperatures coming in the next few months. Check the tire pressure during the cold weather. Low pressure leads to blowouts and can cause a wreck.

Cold rain can catch us off guard. Your vehicle might slip sideways when you try to stop. This is a serious sign when getting snow tires. It can be a scary thing when your car moves on its own. Getting in an accident can go from a small injury to fatal, try to avoid both.

Further, your car will suffer a lot of damage and you will find yourself at an auto body garage to get it back to its new self. Never take for granted what the weather will be in the next coming days if you live in a cold weather state. Follow the news weather reports so you can get your tires on before the rush of other drivers trying to do the same.

Don’t Ignore the Battery or Electrical System

Cold weather can be bad for your battery and the entire electrical system. Do yourself a favor and give your battery a lot of attention during the cold temperatures outside. First, you want to make sure it is healthy and in good shape. Any mechanic shop can hook your battery up to a tester and give you a diagnosis within minutes.

You will either have to replace or buy a brand new one. Battery failure can be one of the biggest problems that can leave people stranded on the side of the road freezing in their car. Don’t let this happen to you and purchase an all-weather battery. Further, you can also purchase a battery that is the best for only cold weather conditions.

Your electrical systems stem from your heater, headlights and brake lights. These are crucial in cold weather situations when you break down. Bring extra hand lights with you so you can at least be able to put lights on to flash those coming by and get help. In addition to that, when it’s snowing outside and the visibility is horrible, you want people to see your brake and headlights. You can easily check them up against a wall or your garage to make sure they are properly working.

Cold weather can freeze the wires and give you a short circuit you didn’t expect while driving. If this happens during traffic, you need to try your best to get off the road and head to a mechanic shop for repair. Your heater, of course, will be everything to you when it is cold outside. Make sure it is working and you have the right fluids to keep it going. The last thing you want to happen is for your heater to shut off in a snowstorm. Get it checked at the first opportunity that you can.

Get with Your Fluids

As we all know our cars run on various fluids to keep it going. Cold weather can freeze them up and soon your car will stop operating. Do the research about your car so you know what fluids are the most important to keep your car running. You need to check the oil and anti-freeze. Always make sure you have the proper levels of oil in your car. Purchase the kind that can withstand cold temperatures. Check it on a regular basis to make sure everything is flowing. Anti-freeze should have a good mixture with some water so it won’t freeze.

There are many testers on the market that you can use and do this yourself. When it shows that you have a poor mix, then you need to get it flushed and start refilling it up again. It also might be smart to keep a good supply of oil and anti-freeze in your car. Make sure they are in a safe place and the fumes aren’t getting into the main part of your car. This way you can avoid a trip to the hospital if becoming sick from the smell in the trunk.

Protect That Windshield

Cold weather is also a deterrent to a windshield. It can freeze if up so much that it cracks. There are ways you can deal with this by putting your car in the garage and away from the cold weather. Use warmers to thaw it out after a day’s drive or before you get in the car. When one little crack starts soon you will have an entire streak across the windshield. This is so dangerous because a frozen windshield can give way as you are driving and cover you in glass.

The minute you see any kind of crack you need to get off the highway or road and head to an autobody garage to get your windshield fixed. Another part to pay attention to with your windshield is your wipers. These are the first to freeze and we don’t even realize it until it’s time to use them. Make sure they are ready for the cold weather. Don’t forget this step as you need good working blades so you can see through any kind of snow storm. They are cheap, easy to change and can save your life one day.

When is the last time you had a checkup?

We all want to believe that our car is in the best of shape. It isn’t until some kind of weather condition tells us otherwise. A car can only take so much and cold weather can give it a beating it didn’t expect. Take your car into your local mechanic if it’s been a while since it’s the last checkup. Don’t risk being on the road during the cold months for something to happen.

You should always have your car serviced at least once a month to make sure everything works. An auto body garage such as Salerno Service Station can give you great tips on how to prepare for the cold months.

This will give you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about breaking down when you need your car the most. A checkup can take an hour or less. It can save you a lot of money on unexpected repairs that might come about in the cold weather months.

Cold temperatures don’t have to get the best of us when using our cars. We must understand we need to take precautions like anything else. It doesn’t hurt to have an emergency kit ready if you find yourself stranded. This could flashlights, food, oil, warmers or devices to clean the snow off your care.

One of the main things you need to focus on in cold weather is your tires. Set them at the exact pressure stated on the side of the tire. Your tread should also be sufficient. When it’s low, consider getting new tires altogether.

Pay attention to your battery and electrical system as you will need them. Make sure you have a powerful battery and it can handle the change in weather. Your heater is another concern to deal with during cold weather. Make sure it is putting out the right amount of heat.

Visit a local bodywork garage to have them take a look if it feels more like air conditioning. All fluids need to be in your car as they can freeze. Anti-freeze should have the right mix. Further, change out any wipers and look for cracks in your windshield. Last, make sure your car has gotten its’ regular annual inspection. With cold weather, you may have to do this more than just once a year.